Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Inspiration Station: 12/7/16

Wow, I actually haven't posted one of these since February! I'm taking a trip to London for a couple of days with my best friend so I thought I'd sneak a post in before I go.

Articles I've Enjoyed

Cool is a Trap: A Defense of Being Uncool
And not in an 'I was uncool before it was cool' way either. Honestly, my life has become approximately 7954% better since I gave up on trying to be cool or impress anyone. 10/10, would recommend.

How I Became Okay Wearing the Same Outfits All the Time
Speaking as someone who has the same handful of T-shirts and two pairs of jeans in fairly continuous rotation, I loved this. In Ye Olde Goth Days, I never wore the same outfit twice. Literally never. Mostly this was fine, because I had A LOT of clothes, but sometimes it led to absolute meltdown. And it got hella expensive, fast. If I'd lightened up on myself (and stopped feeling the need to blog every single outfit) I might have had a little more fun.

The Not-My-Style List
Oh look, I'm linking to Into Mind again. Whilst I'm never going to be the ultimate minimalist (I collect My Little Pony, which does not make for the Pinterest-friendly, sparse, Scandi environment. My room will never be a shimmering vista of polished driftwood and white paint, and I'm good with that), I do really enjoy this blog, and this particular post was such a lightbulb moment for me. And it's such a simple idea, I can't believe I didn't think of this before!

Punk Girls
A showcase of the amazing photography of Liz Ham. Her Punk Girls collection focuses on the women of the punk subculture - yes, the clue kinda was in the name. Seeing women express themselves in non-conventionally-'pretty' ways is a real big thing for me and I absolutely love this photo series (it's worth clicking through to Liz Ham's Tumblr as well).

My Husband and I Made Up a New Last Name When We Got Married
I thought this was a genius idea and I was really surprised by the reactions this couple got. My partner and I have been talking recently about what we would do, name-wise, if we got married. I've always said I'd keep my own name but the problem is that his last name is really nice, which puts me in a quandary. :/ I suppose there're always hyphens, but it just doesn't sound so good then. Perhaps I could choose a new name. A better name. One name to rule them all.

Recommended Reading
  • The Wander Society by Keri Smith. Funny, clever, thought-provoking, and got me to start going outside more. It's easy for me to fall into the trap of being indoorsy but I was always an outdoors kid and the more time I spend wandering, the more I feel connected to myself.
  • Girl Up by Laura Bates. Aimed at a younger market than I realised when I bought it, this nevertheless features some delightful illustrations of dancing vaginas and as such I can't recommend it more highly. I wish this had been around when I was in my teens.
  • The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black. I thought I was over YA vampire books until I read this. Holly Black's writing is amazing - lush, dark, poetic, magical. #endgush

Listening To
  • Pet Sematary by Muncie Girls (Ramones cover)
  • Rich Bitch by Die Antwoord
  • Lush Life by Zara Larsson
  • A Month From Now/Whatever You Like by Rail Yard Ghosts (Prof cover)
  • Army of Me by Bjork

Lusting Over
  • The last thing I need is another mug, but this Supernatural mug is great. (I'm SO into SPN lately that I'm even annoying myself. I have a massive squish on the entire cast and... oh man... the fanfiction, the feels, I can't even. But we probably have a gif for that ;) ) (Sorry if you're my dad and you understood about 1% of that sentence.)
  • My next perfume purchase is absolutely going to be this Screaming Fangirl perfume oil.

Geeking Out

Just generally pretty excited about Supernatural right now, so there's that.
Neil Gaiman is taking a break from the internets to work on a new novel, so that's exciting. I'm not sure if that's separate from his Norse Mythology book due to come out next year, or something totally new, but it's all good with me!
I haven't got Pokemon Go yet! Security updates have taken up so much space on my phone that it won't download so I'm frantically deleting everything to make room. Can't wait!
Looking forward to Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Obviously I'm on Pottermore, and I got sorted into Thunderbird house.
Lastly but not leastly (sorry), the new Ghostbusters is apparently pretty good despite all the whining about the predominantly female cast. No surprise there.

Style: Icons and Current Ponderings

My Month

L-R: Walking home late at night after parties, chilling on abandoned armchairs in the woods, badly photoshopping my Gishwhes team onto the Avengers (sadly you can't quite see Rosie as Thor because it's brilliant), a sketchy self-portrait that managed not to look like me, accidental Life Is Strange cosplay whilst out exploring and taking photos of abandoned buildings, being fancy for no reason vs. being a happy potato, travelling at sunset, a day out for the 12th anniversary of my relationship, writing in the woods.


  1. The Coldest girl is so great, I love how the vampires make themselves into celebrities and poor innocent kids give themselves to them. Definitely how it would be if vampires existed! Holly Black is an amazing author!

    1. Yesss, I absolutely can't get enough of her writing style! Bless that woman!

  2. I want to read The Coldest Girl!!! I love Holly Black!
    I'm really excited about Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them too *_* I'm in Pottermore too (Ravenclaw), but I have to admit I abandoned it.

    1. Me toooo! I haven't read The Darkest Part of the Forest yet so I'm really excited about that <3
      I don't use Pottermore much either, but they certainly know how to make a good quiz (I'm a sucker for online quizzes, I love them...).

  3. You most definitely
    wanna be lured by Him
    into the Great Beyond, dear.

    Coming to my BIG-ol,
    John Belushi, party hardy
    in illustrious Seventh-Heaven?
    Eternal pleasure-beyond-measure??

    ...yet, gotta quit materialism
    N whorizontal vanity: God's Rules
    are hardly crippling; SIN is crippling.

    Yes, earthling, Im a NDE -
    so I now know s'up, literally.
    God bless your indelible soul.


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