Tuesday, 2 February 2016

New Article in the Carpe Nocturne Winter Issue

I'm pleased and proud to report that I have an article out in the Carpe Nocturne Winter issue, which is available now. (I'm listed in the front of the magazine as a contributor, which feels awesome).
Melanie Gaydos: Beyond Beauty Standards
A celebration of non-standard models challenging the homogeny of the fashion industry.

"In beauty, as in art, in reality there is no 'standard'. Fashion is, at its core, an art industry, but it's also commercial, and bombarding us with false ideals is a quick and easy way to hook us into a consumer chain of shelling out money for an unachievable result."

"Representation is important, and it's a shame that the inclusion of faces 'other than the norm' will often be cited as 'shock value', or, as Melanie says, a gimmick, particularly in an industry where Fashion Month shows this year [2015, at time of writing] employed eighty per cent white models."

The magazine is available here in both digital and print format; it covers alternative, dark and unusual art, fashion, lifestyle and entertainment of all kinds. Once again, I'd like to thank the patient and enthusiastic Carpe Nocturne team, and special thanks also to Amber Asaly, who helped me out with an amazing photo of model Melanie Gaydos to accompany the piece.


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