Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Woke up this morning from a dream that I was buying myself a Siouxsie and the Banshees T-shirt from a punk shop in Camden, which segued nicely into the thought: "Oh, I should replace my lovely tartan trousers. They were so comfy and warm. And they did good service. I wonder if I can still get them from the same place." Then I woke up a little bit more and remembered I have NO spare cash just now. The Birthday Season is coming (several of my closest friends and my boyfriend one after the other, and then what will be - with any luck! - our twelfth anniversary in May) and I've got very few shifts at work in these quiet wintry months.

So I thought I'd better write a list of the things I *ahem* need to treat myself to, if and when things are a little more lucrative.

From the top:
1. New tartan trousers. Not quite the same as these; my favourites are the fuzzy old-school ones from Tiger of London. My last pair were worn right out until they finally ripped quite spendidly up the arse in the middle of my workplace. :-/

2. Willow-pattern Doc Martens. I want the eight-hole boots not these shoe things. Every time I have enough money they're out of stock in my size!

3. Striped skinny jeans.

4. Cat jumper.

5. Hobbit Hole scented candle.

6. You Shall Not Pass knickers. I have been after these for a while but the postage makes me cringe.

7. Giant floral knickers. I love my big 50s-style knicks.

8. Hobbit jumper.

9. TokyoMilk Dark body souffle.

10. 'OK, But First Coffee' T-shirt.

11. More witchy books!

12. I love these platform boots but I have absolutely no clue where to find them. Sadness.

13. A new hair colour.

14. A new black eyeshadow. Goodness only know where mine has gone.

15. Perfume from For Strange Women. I can't decide which one I want most!

16. Another alt perfume, because I can't get enough.


  1. Some cool stuff there! Love the "cat population" shirt! I love the title of the list! I was thinking of making one too.

    1. Thank you! Please do, I love noseying at other people's wants (and getting ideas to add to my own...).

  2. Oh boy tartan pants take me back. :D I used to wear only that out of soft fabrics, and they'd get too damaged to wear out quite fast so it was a big collection of pyjama pants in the end. XD

    And For Strange Women has so many scents I want to try as well! I've had Winter Kitty in my wishlist for years, but with shipping it's almost 50 euros for 7.3 mls... not with my part-timer's salary, let's just say. :p (Coffee-Cocoa is another one I'm eyeballing violently)

    Soon 12 years anniversary! That's awesome :D

    1. I had a freaky amount of luck - just found a pair of tartan jeans in a charity shop after writing this list! Not as good as my fuzzy fabric ones but definitely not bad. ^^ Mmm tartan PJs, can't go wrong there!

      Winter Kitty is in my wishlist too, and Moss and Ivy. <3

      Thank you! I'm 24 so we will have been together for literally half my life which is a little strange but in the best possible way >.<

  3. So ... those floral 'granny panties'. Where does a person get their hands on a pair of those, I wonder? Asking for a friend. **cough, cough** :)

    1. Jeezus! Never mind ... I don't like my 'friend' that much that I'd pay $71 for a pair! LOL

    2. I too have a friend... She buys similar pairs from topshop and etsy for rather less than $71 ;)

  4. Ah, wishlists <3 - guess everyone could spend hours adding things to online shopping carts and then cry because they would be so expensive, right? :-D Laughing so hard because of the panties right now!

    1. Haha yeah we're all doing it >.<
      Gotta love some big panties! :-p ;D


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