Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Riot Dorrrk

So recently I plopped the words 'riot dorrrk' into the middle of my blog header (Writer. Riot Dorrrk. All-Round Odd Duck - in case I change it in the future). ('Punk rock and magic' was my other option but since I haven't yet spoken about punk rock or magic it seemed pretty redundant. Just kinda liked it, you know?) Riot dorrrk was a phrase I came up with when I was thinking about my own 'style', such as it is, and values, and I thought I'd just explain it a little more and see if anyone else is on board with me here.

As a feminist, and an alternative music and style enthusiast I've always had an interest in the riot grrrl movement of the 90s. In my post-Goth identity-crisis wasteland, searching for a new thing to latch on to, I found the term coming up a lot. So when I was looking for a blog tagline, riot grrrl was in the forefront of my mind.

I'm fascinated by riot grrrl. I can't help but admire a movement that told young girls they have a voice and a right to take up space. I was born at around the time the movement was developing so obviously it was never something I was personally involved in. (The closest I ever came, I guess, was putting out a few issues of a fairly crap zine when I was about thirteen or fourteen - under the pen name Milo - but only a small circle of friends got copies, and I don't imagine any still exist. Zines, that is, not friends.)

But whilst I love the ideas and drive behind the movement, I shied away from linking myself directly with the label. Even had I been of an age to take part in the movement when it was at its peak, I think I was probably - frankly - too square. I'm not saying that in a self-deprecatory way; I mean that I am introverted, bookish and not what you could call a party animal, a world apart from, for example, Kathleen Hanna of seminal band Bikini Kill, selling weed in high school. I probably would have thought about going to a gig or starting a local chapter and then chickened out and read a book instead. I'm sure there are quiet, shy, nerdy would-be riot grrrls (or would-have-been, I guess. The riot grrrl movement was widely considered to have bitten the dust in the mid-90s, although many of today's young feminists are still using the term - and why not?) out there; I've just never been lucky enough to meet any!

However, one thing I am quite happy to call myself is a dork. And thus riot dorrrk was born; I am a feminist, but also a bit of a weirdo nerd.

You Might Be A Riot Dorrrk If:

  • you are a feminist
  • you like alternative fashion and punk rock
  • you support the body positivity movement
  • you self-identify as a nerd (geek, dork, whatevs. I coulda gone the 'riot nerrrd' route but I didn't think it had the same ring. Also 'dork' sounds goofier and I am pretty goofy.)
  • you own more than one pair of superhero pants (this is optional but recommended.)


  1. Hmmm I think "Riot Dorrrk" is something I identify as, as well! Although I don't have any superhero pants as of yet. :)

    1. Excellent! I feel we have the makings of a fabulous girl gang ;) or masked superhero team, it's your call!

  2. Woops, looks like I might be a Riot Dorrrk as well!

  3. That linked article though LOL: Origin of dork - perhaps alteration of dick

    I am surprised that a lot of bloggers decided to change a bit of their blogs this december XD reminds me of that wedding virus (you know, one couple starts and within a year a kot of their friends follow) :-D happy to see you developing more and more of yourself! <3

  4. Welp... *shrugs* I can be a dick at times. XP

    Haha really? I didn't even notice it was a thing! Going to go and creep around everyone's blogs now >.< And thank you very much <3


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