Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Style Concept: Storybook Girl

She's the girl who stumbled into a fairytale and never found her way out.
She's the smell of books, dust and sunlight.

The storybook girl needs comfortable clothes, because there's another world in the back of her wardrobe and there might be lions around the corner and you can't run away from witches if your shoes don't fit.

She's the queen of cable knit, pensive expressions and steaming coffee. There are ink stains on her cuffs and she doesn't read Vogue and she has non-fictional feelings for fictional characters*. She spends her life looking for magic, both inside her books and in the world around her.

Storybook Girl

The storybook girl doesn't care much about her make-up or nails. Her hair is messy from running through the forest, her cheeks are flushed from the fresh air and she's half-mad from living in the world inside her head. She's scuffed Doc Martens and chunky scarves, mustard and beige, cranberry and cream, moss and autumn rain and fallen leaves. A wildflower wanderess with freckles and a ready laugh.

She likes things cozy and quiet inside and wild on the outside. She lives for a mug of cocoa by the fireside and a howling wind. She dreams of moonlight and mountains, becoming a lighthouse keeper or a mapmaker or a professor of folklore. She slips away from parties to read and look at the stars. She's not a manic pixie creampuff, just an intense bookish girl who's more into Tolkien than Twitter.

She sees the wonder in the everyday. She owns legwarmers, fingerless gloves and a bobble hat. She knows her own mind and doesn't mince her words. She's not minimalist because it looks good on Instagram but because the time it takes to put on jewellery and lipstick is time that could be spent reading or wandering in the fields. She's a nerd and a bird-mad girl, both at once.

The storybook girl is free and wild, unconstrained, unconventional, and quietly, gently feral. Fisherman's jumpers, baggy jeans, men's belts, scruffy boots, undone shoelaces, patched-up backpacks, elbow patches, cat hair on her blazer, the smell of bonfires, road trips, grass stains, muddy Converse, unraveling cuffs, long hair, flannel shirts, vintage sweaters, drunk on fresh air, daydreams, wanderlust and sweet tea.

Story Seeker

*I borrowed that from Bookworm Boutique.

Storybook Girl Pinterest board


  1. I imagine her having that artfully messy hair I can never achieve! (sulks) I definitely have non-fictional feelings for "fictional" characters! I usually wear sensible boots but pair it with a dress!

    1. I hear you. I can do messy but there's nothing artful about it >.<
      I love the classic cute-dress-and-combat-boots combo, you can't beat it!

  2. I love your description and everything about this, Amy! I'd just have to remove all traces of colour and change it all to black. Hee!

    1. Thank you!! Haha black would work, you can't beat black jeans and a nice warm scarf ^^ (what am I saying? Black always works. I'm gonna shut up cause I'm preaching to the choir ;) )

  3. Mmm I envy her. Knits and fantasy would be welcome here ^^ That description of her was pretty sharp, I could smell the fire smoke in her messy-yet-good-looking hair, and spot a few cocoa stains on the bottom of her over-sized shirt!


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