Thursday, 8 October 2015

TILT: October

It's been a while since I last did one of these, so I figured that the time must be nigh. >.<
  • Getting ready for 'WriMo! I almost forgot November was fast approaching as I have so much going on at the moment (the responsibilities! Get them off of me!) and when I did remember I really wasn't sure whether I should add another item to my arm-length to-do list. Especially with the item being National Novel Writing Month, not exactly a small challenge. Then I decided I might as well plow my time and effort into something I love, and if some of the other crap slips by the wayside for a month then, well, so what? I can pick it up again in 50,000 words' time, right? My NaNo profile is over yonder.
  • Christmas shopping. I know, super early! But my partner and I won't have much time off work later in the season and we like to do our shopping together so we made the effort to do it this week. I love shopping together because 1) we always start with a Starbucks breakfast, 2) we always finish with a slap-up dinner and more often than not a bottle of wine, and 3) I buy more 'little treats' for myself than all the other presents put together. My boyfriend is a legend, as well. He carried all the bags and bought me a teddy bear (named Hendrik, god knows why).
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  • The Big Bang Theory. My mum thought I needed cheering up the other week so she bought me the box set of season eight. I love my mum.
  • Finding secondhand signed books. On the last day of our Isle of Wight trip, I bought a stack of books at one shop and grabbed a very battered China Mieville at a train station book exchange on the way home. The Mieville was signed. So, I discovered later, was a Terry Pratchett book I had bought in the bookshop. Score!
  • Sweater weather. The time is now. I have an army of sweaters and scarves and a new mustard-coloured parka. My body is ready.
  • Looking out of the window when my candles are lit and it's raining outside and the leaves are yellow and I have my book in my lap. :-3 Perfect!
  • My new Batman pajamas. Thank you, Primark (also now the proud owner of not one but two Gryffindor sweaters. I wanted Ravenclaw in an ideal world but they only had Gryffindor so whatevs).
  • Signing up to a fanfiction website and being too shy to post any of my work. >.< The fact that I could fills me with glee.
  • Lush Halloween stuff. Yes, one of everything, please and thank. I mean, sparkly pumpkin bath bombs?! I bought one, but really I needed twenty.
What about you guys? What made your week? ;)


  1. I saw those sparkly bath bombs at lush! Now if only BATHS themselves were a thing here... >_< (in Finland you'll find saunas in most household, but I've yet to see a bath. It's all stand up showers instead)

    "Looking out of the window when my candles are lit and it's raining outside and the leaves are yellow and I have my book in my lap. :-3 Perfect!"
    Perfect mood indeed, all you need is a hot coco and giant soft socks! : DD

    I also love how you hold your shopping bag like a fancy high class lady WHILE on the mini tractor. XD (looks like the shovel in the front could be moved to play around... O_O me wants.)

    1. No baths? Wow! Wouldn't mind a sauna in my house though, that sounds amazing <3

      I have the soft socks (birthday present from an apparently-psychic best friend) but I need to go stock up on cocoa. I'm all over the autumn vibe at the moment... I genuinely was disappointed the other morning when I woke up and it WASN'T raining...

    2. NO RAIN?! How... what... why... :<

  2. lush, yes. no bathtub here but lord showergel?! i loved the bathbombs when i still had a bathtub and so i bought a bottle (small one though because treasures dont need to be huge!) and im with you, sauna in ones house sounds like a dream!

    btw, happy to hear your relationship consists of so much fun <3

    1. Oooooh yes shower gel! I got both the Nightwing shower jelly and the Lord of Misrule shower gel and I'm kinda weirdly excited about them both...

      Thank you! We are both nerds and nutters, I think it works that we are both pretty odd >.<


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