Friday, 25 September 2015

Notes on Real Life

(or 'Notes on Real Loaf', as I originally typed.)

Hello everyone :) again there's been a bit of a gap between posts, I am sorry about this but I'm having a mixed bag of it in the real world at the moment.

Firstly, I am now twenty-four years old (presenting: a classic example of the 'adult millenial' in its natural habitat), which is as much a shock to me as it is to anyone else. I started blogging on Piczo when I was about fifteen or sixteen - doesn't time fly? I'm finding my twenties to be a bit of a strange time. A lot of it seems almost as though it's happening to someone else; I have this sense that this isn't the life I was supposed to be living, as though I made a side-step somewhere in my teens and have been drifting a little aimlessly ever since. Which isn't far from being the case, actually. I feel both impossibly old and incredibly young and stupid at the same time.
Me as a young Gawth blogger. D'aww?

Secondly, we recently suffered a death in the family, which whilst not unexpected was still a bit of a shock and I haven't quite got my head around it yet. I'd like to say something poignant in memory of a much-loved person but my emotions seem to have gone on holiday for a little while. Can't say that I blame them. In typical fashion I am doing lots of cleaning and lots of ordering takeaways. Am not 'grieving' in the usual sense, I don't think, but sort of floating through things in a baffled manner - for example, last night I attempted to make my partner a cup of tea in a cereal bowl.

Thirdly, I can sense a deadline looming for an article I need to write, which is always an alarming sensation.

And last, I have recently made a decision (at least, I think it's made) that I can't quite talk about just yet but it heralds big change for me and is a little scary. Actually a lot scary. Hopefully in a good way, but I am both introverted and rather anxious and therefore have problems acclimatising myself to change of any description. Do feel a bit daft telling you I've made a decision when I can't yet tell you what it is, but all this stuff is piling up in my head and I had to put it somewhere, or else go a bit more insane than I generally am.

So I do apologise once again for my blogging being a bit sporadic and not very interesting of late, but my faculties have deserted me somewhat and I am doing the best I can!


  1. Argh life changes are hard, even in your twenties!

    1. Changes are scary >.< medicating with coffee and books.

  2. Well, whatever changes that are I hope they will end good! And for the posting schedule, maybe it was September. When talking to my family and some friends earlier today we all agreed that this September could as well have been part of horrible 2014. Long distance hugs! (And indeed, Dawwwwww <3)

    1. Thank you very much :) the changes are underway now, so hopefully I will be able to explain soon. It's not *that* exciting, it just feels like a big deal when you are me >.<
      Yes September was a bit of a mixed bouquet to say the least :-/ hugs back!!! <3


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