Monday, 28 September 2015

Autumn Wishlist

  • cardigans
  • boots
  • soft socks
  • rum
  • warm, chunky jumpers
  • everything cable knit
  • when your breath makes little ghosts in the cold air
  • frozen spider webs
  • crunchy grass
  • crunchy leaves
  • pale blue skies
  • thunderstorms
  • the smell of wet grass
  • rain against the windows
  • Hogwarts T-shirts
  • hot, sugary coffee
  • Heathen body and face lotion from Goth Rosary (the site closed down, I am now on my last bottle *sad face*)
  • orange leaves
  • tartan skirts with cosy tights
  • leather jackets with huge chunky scarves
  • blankets. Oh so many blankets
  • ogling the new Zadig and Voltaire collection even though I can't afford it and couldn't justify the expenditure if I could
  • pumpkin spice lattes
  • horror films
  • tweed blazers
  • burgundy velvet
  • boyfriend in jumpers *mmm*
  • rewatching Labyrinth
  • Game of Thrones season 4
  • bonfires
  • Wolf by First Aid Kit
  • Kate Griffin's Matthew Swift novels
  • guitar practise
  • clove incense
  • early Christmas shopping
  • all the Halloween stuff


  1. I have a Disney/Hogwarts (Maleficent+Slytherin) t-shirt coming to me in the mail RIGHT NOW.
    Also, I sorely miss Goth Rosary. My favorite scent was Wasted Youth...

    1. Haha awesome!! I'm doing my Christmas shopping this week and I'm not even pretending I'm not gonna buy a bunch of Ravenclaw shit ;)
      I knowwww, I've never found a moisturiser so good and the scents are <3 What will we do without AntiSally? :(

  2. Oh, yes. Blankets. A blanket day with a big, big cup of chosen warm beverage while watching the rain fall in the window (and make an imaginary race between droplets and betting on the biggest one). ;)

  3. Matthew Swift! I've started reading them recently, and having read the first two I'm trying to hunt down a cheap copy of The Neon Court. They're some of the best urban fantasy I've read, up there with stuff like Rivers of London and Neverwhere.

    1. They're fantastic aren't they!! I love a good slice of urban fantasy, especially set in London. Have you tried Kraken by China Mieville?

  4. Nodding that head off right here LOL


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