Friday, 28 August 2015

What's In My Bag?

I've been seeing these 'what's in my bag' posts everywhere lately... I guess I'm probably supposed to wait for someone to tag me or something but I thought I'd just jump in. >.< This post is inspired by thinking, 'hmm... what actually is in my bag?' and then being fairly amused by what I uncovered when I delved into the depths.
My bag. Sorry it's slightly blurry. Must get a photo-editing programme at some point like a proper blogger. >.> 
My badges! The little purple one was a gift from my friend Jade :)
It has been said that a bag is a 'comfortable reflection of a woman's personality' - so in my case oversized, soft and a bit scruffy round the edges. In fact in the same article linked to above, French photographer Pierre Klein, who did a project on women's bags, states that after seeing the contents of a gym employee's handbag strewn across a desk, 'in five minutes, I had learned more about her than in the few months that I had seen her during my visits to the gym. I knew where she was born and knew about her fears just from looking inside her bag.'

Which is more than a little worrying when your handbag (or in my case currently, backpack) is filled with this:
Left to right, top to bottom: my glasses; purse; house keys (with library card key fob); work keys; Pitch Black DVD (I was going to a friend's house to watch movies, I always bring a fave); awful Vampire Romance book (contains some of my most-beloved authors, including Caitlin R. Kiernan, Lilith Saintcrow and Karen Chance, but sadly it also contains a large number of extraordinarily cringey sex scenes and cheesy stories that are little more than filler - should have seen that coming based on the cover alone); spare guitar pick (on book cover); body spray; three spare record deck needles; glass owl; Alice In Wonderland umbrella; heap of receipts; wild apple; bubble mixture; notepad; pen; passport. My iPod and headphones were not in my bag this day, but I feel they're with me in spirit.
Record deck styluses, glass owl, bubble mix.
Make of this what you will.


  1. Oooh Alice in Wonderland umbrella! I like the fairytale ending notebook! And sometimes you have to put up with trashy stories to read the good ones by your favourite authors!

    1. I love my umbrella :) it was a Christmas present from a colleague! And yeah... The good stories made it worthwhile.

  2. LOL I would love someone trying to analyze me from myhandbag (my favourite one is a plushie bat backpack with a glitter hairbow, spiked collar, pierced ears and patches where the fabric went thin...) And Amy, you have a LOT of things with you, do you really use all of these when you're out? :-O

    1. Awww I'd love a bat bag, sounds adorable!

      I do take a condensed version of things from time to time but I ALWAYS have a book (and my glasses, I'm pretty helpless without them!). I don't really need to carry around some of the random flotsam so I should probably have a little sort out >.<


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