Thursday, 9 July 2015

Bucket List

Yesterday I was feeling a bit gloomy because I couldn't think of the last time I felt I'd really achieved something. Also my hobbies are things like eating, sleeping, and reading, e.g. things that involve minimal effort and have no final goal or benchmarks of success. After driving the boyfriend half out of his mind by wailing, "Why do I have no dreeeeeams? What am I doing with my liiiife?" for half an hour (ah, what it is to be twenty-three...) I decided that I would write a list of my own dreams and goals so that I could enjoy the satisfaction of ticking them off. And also so that when my slightly cooler friends do adult things like get mortgages and learn to drive, I can console myself with the fact that I, too, am achieving, although in a nerdy, introverted, slacker-ish sort of way. ;)

If you have a bucket list on your blog, please drop me a link, because I am nosey.

  1. Move out.
  2. Learn to drive, so that I can have a tiny car in which I can listen to music very loudly.
  3. Stay on a houseboat.
  4. Stay in a cabin in the mountains.
  5. Skinny dip.
  6. Meet Neil Gaiman.
  7. Go to a faerie festival.
  8. Get a novel published.
  9. Get an article in print.
  10. Go on a Norwegian fjords cruise.
  11. Visit Ireland.
  12. Sleep in a VW camper van.
  13. Take a pottery class.
  14. Go to college.
  15. Take up wildcrafting. 
  16. Visit New Orleans.
  17. Work in a bookshop.
  18. Go in a hot air balloon.
  19. Learn to surf.
  20. Go glamping (who doesn't love a fancy yurt?!).
  21. Sleep in a treehouse.
  22. See the Northern lights.
  23. Visit Copenhagen.
  24. Go backpacking.
  25. Go to ComicCon
  26. See a rainforest.
  27. Live in another country for at least a couple of months.
  28. Swim under a waterfall.
  29. Go to Morocco.
  30. Visit Japan and see the cherry blossoms.
  31. Sleep outdoors with friends.
  32. Go on a yoga retreat.
  33. Visit Iceland.
  34. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  35. Stay one night in a mega-expensive hotel.
  36. Experience anti-gravity.
  37. Parasail.
  38. Bathe an elephant 
  39. Ride in a limousine.
  40. See a stand-up comedian (I like so many I decided to be non-specific, but Nina Conti might be my first choice).
  41. Go to a book signing (I was supposed to be going to a Ben Aaronovitch signing today but I had to work *cries*).
  42. Have my palm read.
  43. Have a professional photo session. Maybe nude, but probably not. :-p
  44. Have a mud bath.
  45. Go on a plane (never done this!).
  46. Eat in a pitch black restaurant.
  47. Visit a bayou.
  48. Ride in a gondola in Italy.
  49. See the pyramids.
  50. Learn to read Tarot cards.
  51. Have a rooftop party.
  52. Get a kitten.


  1. Wow, this is a great list!!! Now I have more things I want to do! Sulks :P

  2. i love love love reading bucket lists but i guess... i cant write one on my own, would not know where to start and in the end get lost because of so many things ^^

  3. I have to say that writing this has actually made me feel really motivated... I've applied for my provisional license and made plans to go skinny-dipping with a friend next week. Weird how having things down on paper helps >.<

  4. You in a tiny car:


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