Wednesday, 6 May 2015

An Anniversary

Hello again :)

Just a short post to celebrate some good news; my partner Dan and I had our eleventh anniversary this Monday (which, coincidentally, was of course May the 4th, Star Wars Day!). Of course we have had our ups and downs but our relationship has gone from strength to strength and I'm delighted to have shared eleven years of my life with such an amazing guy. I look forward to the next decade or so - with any luck! ;)

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  1. Happy Anniversary, love! May you and Dan have at least eleven more!

  2. Happy anniversary! Eleven years ... that's awesome! :)

  3. Hello :) I'm the girl who recommended you Terra Mitica (don't know if you remember and can't find the post right now). Glad you're back! I missed you and your posts, they are always amusing ;)

    1. You're welcome :) hope everything is going fine :D


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