Saturday, 19 March 2016

Bucket List, Part Three

Part one is here, part two here.

106. Go to a movie premiere.
107. Be on a movie set. Not doing anything, just observing. (Or creeping. Whatever. Have it your way.)
108. Visit the town of Salem, MA.
109. Go on a stormchasing tour/trip.
110. Sleep in a hobbit hole.
111. Eat biscuits and gravy.
112. Have a past life regression. (I don't know if I believe in this or not. I'm just seriously curious.)
113. Go on a Ghost Bus tour.
114. Go to a cookie dough cafe.
115. Visit Tortuga (Tortuga Island or Tortuga Bay).
116. Spend a month minimum in London. Just walking the streets and looking at stuff. London fascinates me, I don't know why.
117. Sleep in a glass igloo.
118. Stay at the Snow Hotel.
119. Stroke a reindeer.
120. Stay at La Balade Des Gnomes.
121. Drink mead.
122. See the Pongua Falls in Vietnam.
123. Visit the Maldives.
124. Stay in the Montana Magica Lodge.
125. Visit the Harajuku district in Tokyo.
126. Also in Tokyo, stay at the Book and Bed 'Accomodation Bookshop'.
127. See the Black Forest.
128. Climb a mountain (I did go mountain-climbing in Wales but I was much younger and I'd like to do it again).
129. Go abseiling again (as before, something I did when I was very young and I'd like a refresher).
130. Go caving/potholing (have done this before too and loved it but frankly it'll be a whole new ballgame now that I have seen the film The Descent...).
131. Learn kickboxing.
132. Take a fencing class.
133. Go to a burlesque show.
134. Take an aerial silks class.
135. Ride in a hot rod.
136. Explore Chinatown.
137. Road trip the Amalfi Coast.
138. Meet a cowboy.
139. Go to a magic show.
140. Go to Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
141. See the Marble Mountains in Vietnam.
142. And the floating market at Ho Chi Minh City (I'm really big on Vietnam right now, can you tell? It fascinates me!).
143. See the Light Festival in Thailand.
144. See a lotus field.
145. Climb a waterfall.
146. Visit the bookshop under Waterloo Bridge (London).
147. See the Cloud Forest.
148. Go sandboarding in the Peruvian desert.
149. Ride in a rickshaw.
150. Visit Hobbiton.
151. Walk the Inca Trail.
152. Visit a bioluminescent beach.
153. Go to an ice cream restaurant.
154. Go to a silent disco.
155. Visit the Isle of Man.
156. Go to a pumpkin farm.


  1. If you ever visit Salem, look me up! I live next door.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Next job is to work on crossing some more of them off...

  3. Nice list! I'm going to Salem in August, you just need an invisibility cloak and you can sneak in with us ;)

    1. Thanks! Haha ooh you lucky thing. Wonder which will cost more, the invisibility cloak or the air fare... ;)

  4. Waaaait, Cookie Dough Cafe? Is it what I think it is?!

    1. I tried to find a link to send you but I can only find the company selling edible cookie dough to supermarkets. But I swear I saw on Pinterest an actual cookie dough restaurant. I hope I can find it again otherwise that's one item I'll never cross off the list. :/


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