Saturday, 27 February 2016

Inspiration Station: 27/2/16

Sorry about the slight delay in posts; I've been busy. Mostly doing good things, thankfully.

Articles I've Enjoyed

Things Introverts Absolutely Love
Never did I think I'd be linking to an article from Cosmopolitan. But I stumbled across this list on Pinterest, and it made me smile. It's really, really accurate for me. (Apart from watching House Hunters. If I'm going to watch crap-ish telly, I like Storage Hunters. Or Sin City Motors.)

Be An Unapologetic, Badass Body Love Warrior
Need I say more?

How to Maintain Bright Coloured Hair
Timely advice from Just Keep Brains, one of my favourite blogs. My hair's faded from lilac back to silvery-blonde, and when I scrape together enough cash to top up the colour, I'm hoping to make it last longer with Ramona's top tips.

We Want Control of Our Bodies
A short, thought-provoking piece about data exhaustion.

Forever Nomad: How to Really Make the World Your Home
As my Facebook and Tumblr friends may already know, my partner and I are planning a trip together in 2018, so as a newbie traveller I've been doing a lot of reading up on the nomadic life. This article was realistic without being intimidating.

Recommended Reading

  • Stuffocation by James Wallman. I've been getting more interested in minimalism lately, but this book takes a slightly different angle on things, showing us the advantages of 'experientialism' instead - spending money and time on experiences instead of material things. Not without flaws, but interesting and quite inspiring. 
  • the Courtney Crumrin series by Ted Naifeh. Dark, funny, and cute.
  • I've been looking back at some early issues of Girl Genius. To be honest I'd forgotten how appalling the art is in some of the early installments so I have had a bit of a giggle, but I still love the series. So. Much.

Listening To

  • Building Steam by Abney Park
  • Too Close by Alex Clare
  • Hideaway by Kiesza
  • This Hollow World by Johnny Hollow
  • (Currently playing: Psychomorph/We Feel Naked by Purple Fog Side)

Lusting Over

  • Don't Tell Me To Smile T-shirt from Feminist Apparel (guess who has a severe case of Resting Bitchface).
  • Anything and everything from Frank Body. Give me the coffee-scented everything and no one gets hurt.

Geeking Out

Got to seeing Deadpool and Star Wars: The Force Awakens this month and loved both, with a semi-obsessive platonic passion that I normally reserve for other people's pets. 
Have also been watching the new X Files series. I was so excited when I saw it was going to be back on screens during my lifetime, but I have to be honest... I'm not quite feeling it yet. Scully is still my hero, though. Bless you, Gillian Anderson.
I also got wind of Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories being filmed for TV. Oh, be still, my heart. I don't have Sky, so if you do, and you live near me and know me reasonably well, expect me to be knocking on your door with a beseeching expression at some point fairly soon. I also did not know that Gaiman's How to Talk to Girls at Parties is in production as a movie. Scuse me whilst I lose my shit.

Style: Icons and Current Ponderings

  • I recently re-watched the film Mama, and I have to say I'm loving Jessica Chastain's whole look here. (I really can't pull off that eye make-up, though. I did try. Just looked like an angry panda. Sad times.)

My Month

It's been a busy one! L-R: Writing fanfic in Nerd HQ (aka my bed); my unread book piles; playing Teenage Kicks, one of the two songs I can just about make recogniseable; off to see Star Wars with my favourite human; new jammies; being a proud new auntie with the gorgeous Eira; a blanket fort I made and watched UFO documentaries in; some Froud sketches for drawing practise; a fascinator made by my talented internet friend Xanthy.


  1. The phrase "loved both, with a semi-obsessive platonic passion that I normally reserve for other people's pets" made me giggle and nod in absolute agreement at the same time. I always love reading your posts, you have such a way with words.

  2. How great was Star Wars?!

    OMG Neil Gaiman TV series!!!!

    I haven't listened to Johnny Hollow in so long!

    That fascinator is gorgeous as is your hair!

    Information overload has always been a big problem for me! Especially when studying!

    Yes on a lot of the introvert likes list!

    1. Ahhh it was brilliant! Felt pretty epic to be seeing a Star Wars film in the cinema. I missed them the first time around because I was too young really, so I have to admit it felt like a pretty big deal. I want a BB-8, though.

      Can't wait for the TV series. Unless I'm much mistaken though, I do remember Feeders and Eaters as making me wince quite a bit so I'll probably watch half of it from behind a cushion.

      And thank you! :)

  3. Thoroughly enjoy your blog. Always good to see what you're reading so I can check out some more books.

    Good to hear you're exploring minimalism. Its a good life philosophy. Check out Zen Habits, The Minimalists, Courtney Carver, Light by Coco. Then there is the Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. There are also good sub reddits for anticonsumption, minimalism and simpleliving.

    1. Thanks so much, and thanks especially for the recommendations! I have heard a lot of good things about Marie Kondo so I will definitely be checking her out. I haven't heard of any of the others and honestly never thought of looking on Reddit. Thanks again! (I've also heard good things about The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck, which is a Marie Kondo satire that a lot of people actually seem to have found helpful, and I just finished How To Be Free by Tom Hodgkinson, which I'd recommend if you don't mind a side of smugness with your simple living.)

  4. Data exhaustion ... I'm feelin' it. I seriously need to get off FB. And I mean it this time! LOL Not to sound rude but I like it when people don't post for a while, cause it generally means they're out living their lives! :)

    I LOVE Johnny Hollow ... wish they'd make a new 'album'. Maybe they've disbanded and I didn't know? For the amount of time I spend online, I'm surprisingly ill-informed about a lot of important things. ;)

    1. Ugh I know... I keep thinking I'll delete it but half my social life would go down the pan. :/ All I've managed is to take the app off my phone and not check it so much.

      I still have A Collection of Creatures lingering on my Amazon wishlist so I'm equally in the dark. >.< Must get my Google-fu on. I wonder if you can still get downloads on their site by answering riddles? I loved that!

  5. Heheh you wouldn't need that "Don't tell me to smile" shirt in Finland. XD People just don't talk to strangers or smile all that much if there isn't a reason for it. :P
    Oh and tell me about coffee-scented shizzo. Do you like the taste of it though? I hate it. XD But it's the most comforting smell I can think of!
    Everyone of your inspiration posts reminds me that I should read more.
    ...and then I look for a soundtrack on youtube and get lost for hours.

    1. Ugh, if I had a pound for every well-meaning asshat (ALWAYS male) who's told me to 'cheer up' or 'smile!' I'd have enough money to buy the damn shirt. I do have a grumpy face. But who walks around grinning all the time? That would be terrifying, IMO...
      Yesss, I like the taste. Very much so!
      Haha, I love making soundtrack playlists! Perhaps I ought to post some one day :)

    2. It's so curious that I read about the same problem over and over but have never had it myself. In the piece of land I'm from, it's the girls that are a problem to other girls. :/ And yes, a place where people would just walk around smiling for no apparent reason, ugh. I'd feel lost in a ventriloquist dimension. XD
      Ooouh yeah a soundtrack would be nice! One that'd be perfect would be not TOO interesting so that we're able to concentrate on the book. : DD

    3. Haha that'll be my in-progress Study Aids playlist then >.< non-distracting tunes, cause it's difficult to focus if you keep getting up and jumping around...

      Ventriloquist dimension.... that sounds like a genius idea for a horror film.

      That sucks. :/ Not saying girls should all be sweetness and light, but I hate the notion that we are all 'competing' in some kind of girl-on-girl warfare to see who's prettiest or best dressed or whatever. I refuse. I remove myself. We are ALL the cutest.

    4. Also, I never even thought of looking for book soundtracks on YouTube. That is brilliant, and you have opened up a whole new level of reading goodness for me. Thank you!!!

  6. People always tell me to smile, gggr! I have to buy/make that t-shirt.
    Gaiman on tv and as a movie? Drooool!

    1. I know! Can't wait! Moarrr Gaiman movies please!!

  7. Oh, thank you for mentioning <3 and also enjoyed reading the other articles!
    I remember I once had a ruby gloom shirt with her showing a frowny face, written 'this is my smile' on the shirt as well, love that kind of statements :-)

    1. Thank you for saving my hair! Dye has lasted MUCH longer second time around. <3
      Haha me too - not that I'm grumpy (much!), I just really, really, really hate being told to 'cheer up'. I can be happy without grinning like a buffoon, y'knows. >.<

  8. Do you know Laura Makabresku? I think you'll love her photos.

    1. I don't know of her - time for a spot of Googling. Thanks! :D


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