Monday, 18 January 2016

Inspiration Station: 18/1/16

Time for another round-up!

Of course, at the time I was beginning to compile this post, the big news just hitting social media was the death of David Bowie, aged 69. Bowie was a true legend, a household name for almost all of us; the Starman will be very much missed. (My personal favourite Bowie persona was his role as Jareth, the Goblin King in Labyrinth, which I rewatched this week for the 8574th time (roughly).)

Another icon who left this month was the amazing Alan Rickman, aka Professor Snape. Honestly, January, I have no words... what are you doing to us?! :'(

Articles I've Enjoyed

The Emotional Stages of Finding Your Personal Style
Oh, how I know these feels. To the best of my ability to tell, I think I'm there now - or mostly there! - and yes, I did go through all of these stages. Some helpful tips and advice here too.

This White Feminist Loved Her Dreadlocks - Here's Why She Cut Them Off
An interesting, thought-provoking read.

The biggest threat to feminism? It's not just the patriarchy
I also found this discussion of 'choice feminism' an intriguing read, speaking as someone who does invest more weight than I probably should in the decision of, say, how much make-up to wear on a given day.

The Norwegian Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter
A paradox: I suffer in the cold, but the top places on my travel wishlist are mostly in the Arctic Circle. I am fascinated with the far north. I enjoyed this article not just for its practical tips for cold morsels like me, but for its glimpses into Norwegian culture.

21 Tips to Keep Your Shit Together When You're Depressed
The best one of these lists that I've ever come across. I hope some of you will find this useful.

Recommended Reading

  • I'm getting back into Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts series and I forgot how much I enjoy them. 
  • The Body Sacred by Dianne Sylvan. Body concerns can often rise to the forefront in the new year, and whilst this book might not be for everyone - it's primarily aimed at Pagan cis women - I did find it helpful and would recommend it for other women struggling with body image.

Listening To

  • You, Me and the Bourgeoisie by The Submarines
  • What Baby Wants by Alice Cooper (featuring Ke$ha as the devil!)
  • Lost Boys by The 69 Eyes
  • The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen

Lusting Over

Geeking Out

New Star Wars, obvs. Haven't been to see it yet; tickets have been sold out in my area since the get-go. However my boyfriend thinks he knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who can get us tickets so hopefully soooon! In the meantime I get to play spoiler-dodging, which hasn't been easy. :-/
Deadpool movie! Coming in February! Could not possibly be more excited. Hoping I have better luck with Deadpool tickets than we did for Star Wars. :-/
One of my most amazing recent charity shop finds has been the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. I got the deck and companion book for less than £3 and I can't express how gorgeous it is. It's an absolute pleasure to work with such a beautifully illustrated deck. Does this count as geekery?
My fave, Guillermo del Toro, announced a new film in development, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. I love del Toro's films so very, very much, although I'm pretty sure he is the reason I sleep with a light on.

Style: Icons and Current Ponderings

  • I love the style of the artist Mab Graves. I follow her on Instagram and as well as being insanely talented, she always looks pretty much perfect.
  • Veronica Varlow is fabulous as always. So excited about her upcoming Tarot book!
  • I am head-over-heels for Sary's style from 2014
I've started on new hairstyle progress! Typical - I spent two years growing my hair, only to cut it all off again. What can I say - the girl can't help it! Also it's been so long since I had long hair that I discovered I now find it immensely annoying. It tickles my neck, it's forever in my mouth, and it's not as flattering on me (I don't think) as shorter styles. I was ready for a change.

My Month
L-R: Herbs, candles and other witchy goodness that came in the post (mostly from here), fungus growing on the old apple tree stump in my garden, new hair, old hair (I take too many selfies, so sue me), going-out make-up that I was quite pleased with, reminiscing about good times with my girls Bronwyn (left - a proud new mama as of this week!) and Kate.


  1. Bowie and Alan Rickman :(

    Love moss and fungi!

    Veronica Varlow is amazing, and that tarot!

    Love del Toro! Hope you manage to see Force Awakens without getting spoilered!

    1. I knowwww :( a bad week for fangirls everywhere.

      Yessss I have a weird affection for moss, glad I'm not the only one!

      Me too! I think I must be due a rewatch of the whole Star Wars series actually, it's been aaaages.

  2. It's worrying that we're only just over half way through January and it's already been a rubbish year for us. Why do people like Bowie and Rickman have to die? It just isn't fair :'(

    I laughed when I saw that you'd been listening to Lost Boys by 69 eyes because I've been listening to that so often recently too. I love it ^.^ *high fives*

    I'm not a fan of Star Wars but from the amount of excitement surrounding TFA I think I may have to watch it once it comes out on DVD! Good luck with getting tickets to see Skullpoopl (sorry I couldn't resist hehehe ;)) and hope that you'll enjoy it!

    1. I know :( I can suggest some people we could swap :-p
      Haha what a coincidence! *high fives*
      Thank you! Ohmygawd the advertising for Deadpool has been hilarious! Have you seen the one that makes it look like a rom com? :D

    2. Oh yep! The marketing team must win an award! ;D

  3. And now the founder of the Eagles is gone too. And the month before it was Lemmy. This winter is cruel towards culture.

    Hahah dodging Star Wars was super hard for me, as I work in a geek shop. XD But I managed to get in the theatre without any knowledge of it somehow. One thing I'm sure is you'll fall for the little droid. It's adorable!!

    The moss on the apple tree looks so soft and lush!

    1. It is. I would like a refund on 2016 so far please and thank.
      Oh goodness how did you manage that feat of avoidance? I have had to clap my hands over my ears and sing loudly to myself a couple of times >.< also I'm jealous of your job :-p

  4. Ahh, 2014 was /the year/ of red velvet for me! Hehe. :) Thanks for the mention!

    1. Haha you're welcome! Always love your blog! And your style :)

  5. I have read similar stories to the dread hair woman article you posted, those make me sad though...

    1. Yeah, I noticed there's a few similar articles drifting about. Why sad, if I may ask?


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