Thursday, 28 January 2016

2015 Style Manifesto / 2016 Style Goals

This post is inspired by a fantastic blogger, Sary at The Walrus Room; I'm smushing questions from two of her posts into one. A little while ago, Sary posted a round-up of her favourite outfits from 2015, and she asked, "How do you feel about your style this year? What does it say about you?" And in her first post of the New Year, she asks about our style goals for 2016.

So firstly, what was my style in 2015?
Probably the best word to sum up my style last year would be 'confused'. I spent most of 2014 tossing around concepts to see what worked for me, ending with a kind of wannabe-fashiony minimalist look early in 2015. I was aiming for a sort of Parisienne-chic look and just ended up feeling a bit boring and board-meeting-ish. From there I segued into a folksy boho style for a little bit (bralettes ahoy!), but I felt that led to me focusing far too much on how I looked on Instagram and whatever. Trying hard to be trend-aware never works well for me, to be honest.

This led to me stepping back from worrying about style and embracing my nerdy roots. With a side-order of feminism and body positivity, this actually worked really well for me. By putting my interests first I was able to build some kind of a personal style from the ground up. It's not groundbreaking, seeing as it consists largely of graphic tees and jeans, but it works for me. By the end of summer, I felt like I had a style I was really happy with and a wardrobe I could actually enjoy.

Some of my 2015 faves. That one orange T-shirt gets about. It's a men's tee I got for 94p in a charity shop like two years ago.

2015 Style Manifesto

  • Grab clean-smelling tee and jeans off floor
  • Throw on accessories and probably too much perfume
  • Converse and combat boots with everything
  • What is a hairbrush?
  • Cardigans!

How do I feel about my style that year?
Amused, I guess. I'm pleased that I found a comfortable 'style' that works for me, but it does make me smile to see that I've essentially reverted to a slightly more foul-mouthed, more tattooed version of my ten-year-old self. I'm glad I remembered I never set out to 'be stylish'; it helped me reset back to just having fun and enjoying myself. Accepting myself first and moving forward from there has helped me feel more confident and compare myself less to others.

The only things that niggle me somewhat are that I basically lived in jeans for the entire year - I have loads of skirts and dresses but I don't often wear them - and that I'm such a basic bitch, but to be honest at the moment I value practicality and comfort (warmth! ease of movement!) most highly.

What does it say about me?
Haha, depends who you ask! I hope it says that I'm comfortable, a bit bookish, don't obsess about my appearance, have a sense of humour, and like things that are a little bit different. I wear my Star Wars and Batman shirts a lot so that's a pretty good clue as to some of my interests!

What are my style goals for 2016?
I'd like to add a bit of edge to my look; changing my hairstyle for a more alternative colour was the first step (upgrading from nerd to nerdpunk?). I want to add more DIY elements, maybe just some pins and patches. And as mentioned, get out of my jeans from time to time!

It's about time for another clear-out - I've noticed that there's a few things in my wardrobe again that I'm not wearing, mostly harder-to-style pieces, tops that don't fit quite right, and a few impulse buys from Topshop that make me feel a bit try-hard.

I'd also like to buy less from chain stores, mostly for budget reasons and also because I've noticed that, with a few exceptions, the things I buy from Topshop, New Look et al are the things I wear least. Most of my regular staples are from Etsy or other sites like RedBubble and Society6, or from charity shops.

Some of my inspirations for the year ahead are: Jerina Laaksonen, megababe artist Mab Graves, and Sherri DuPree Bemis.

Listening to: RU Mine - Arctic Monkeys


  1. I'm glad that my posts got you thinking about your own style (of course I always love reading your in-depth posts about finding your style. I can emphasise so hard with your journey!)

    Maybe the fact that you've been wearing your jeans a lot is a sign. Maybe you should focus more on pants, different styles/colours of jeans and maybe some shorts - when it heats up of course!

    I can't wait to see what happens next with your style. :)

    1. Not to be a (total) creeper but I'm crazy about your blog. ^^ I always find fresh inspiration.

      Funny you should say that, I've been stocking up on shorts! I have been wearing them with tights and boots while it's still chilly, but I'm never sure if I like that or not. Sometimes I think it looks all right and sometimes I feel like a genderbent Hamlet. >.<

      Thank you - I look forward to seeing yours continue to develop as well. :)

  2. Enjoy exploring your style!

    Is being a more foul mouthed version of your ten year old self a bad thing? Because I don't know that I have changed that much, haha

    1. Thanks :)

      Oh god I hope not >.< it's too much fun to change now!


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