Monday, 28 December 2015

New Year's Resolutions for 2016

I wasn't sure whether or not to make any resolutions this year as frankly I feel I already have a lot on my plate with studying. Perhaps taking on five courses at once was not my brightest idea; but what's done is done, and I can only forge ahead and try not to bollocks it up too much! I eventually came to the conclusion that I can use this year's resolutions to help me better prioritise my time and bring a bit more of a sense of balance into my life, instead of feeling as though I am swaddled in to-do lists and buried under a heap of textbooks.
Crapola selfie. Looking v. serious. Was trying to work out if I can still rock the pigtails. (Decided not.)
So these are my resolutions for 2016:

  • Do my best at studying and scheduling my exams.
Ah, the greatest joy of home study - having to apply to take the exams for the courses you've already paid for. Such delights. And of course there is no exam centre in my home town. So next year I have to try to book in to sit ten to fifteen papers in summer 2017, which is already filling me with dread. And of course there's the actual studying itself, which is about a thousand times more arduous than I was anticipating and eats up both my time and my chill like Pacman on steroids. 

So this resolution is very, very simple: do my best. Not 'ace my studying' or 'make sure I book all my exams' but just have a damn good bash at it and try not to become an imploded ball of caffeine and panic. Worst-case scenario? I have to re-apply, and spend another year as a slightly morose student living on beans on toast. I'll still be better educated than I am now. So it doesn't suck.

  • Learn to play some songs on guitar.
I did learn to play a few riffs and about half a song this year, but I think me and my bleeding fingers can take this a bit further. 

  • Be my most true and authentic self.
This, I guess, is the big'un. This and the studying, anyway. Be true to myself and my opinions and values, at all times and in all things. From my wardrobe choices to not fudging it in fright when someone unexpectedly asks me, "So what music do you like?" (Seriously... does everyone do this or is this just me? I know perfectly well what bands I like, but when put on the spot I normally end up blurting something like, "Oh, well, this and that, you know...". Whyyy? Just tell people what you like. It's OK if they don't like the same stuff! And if they get snobby about it, congrats, you just found someone not worth your time.)

  • Do more witchcraft/get more in touch with my 'spiritual' side.
I tend to hedge around the topic of spirituality. I'm intensely interested in all kinds of things and I have distinct Pagan leanings, but to be honest I tend to just read avidly about stuff rather than actually grab a boline and jump in. I might start small by actually trying to notice and acknowledge moon phases, sabbats and esbats and then see where I want to take it from there. 

  • Keep writing fiction and edit my NaNovels.
One of those things that could easily be pushed aside as the studying takes over; but writing is important to me and I don't want to let it slip. Blogging is great because having an audience keeps you accountable, but I don't have an audience for my fiction and fanfiction. This is me refusing to let important things slip by the wayside in the new year. It took me a long slog to get back into fiction writing after a long lull and I am not going to repeat the performance.

  • Learn to draw/practice art.
I need to stop being bedazzled by the pretty shiny goodies in the art shop and get on with practicing the basic mechanics of drawing. I'm rusty. My art is awful. But it's such a pleasure. Even being a pathetic drawer (is draw-er a word? I wouldn't go as far as to say artist. I just do the doodles. I like to do the doodles. And yes, I have a colouring book, dammit), I get such satisfaction from it. I'd like to practice more so that one day, maybe, I can become less shit and produce a drawing that actually looks vaguely like what I wanted it to look like. 

And what about you guys? Who's making resolutions this year, and what are they? (If you're blogging about it, drop me a link!)


  1. Starting guitar does hurt at first. And if you stop for a while, it'll hurt again when you get back to play some more. :p I'm also convinced that doing the dishes makes the hard skin on my fingers soften, but it might be becaue I hate doing the dishes to begin with. : D
    Also welcome to the witchy circle! I find that being uathentic to yourself and developping your spiritual side go hand in hand. To be in touch with one is to be in touch with the other.
    I started directing myself back to drawing as well. I've got the "one drawing a day" challenge going on. It creates a lot of monstrosities, but the hand's gotta work. Wishful thinking won't increase skill level. ;)
    I haven't done any resolutions for 2016 per say. Just recent habits I'd like to keep up in the future. The drawing one, and trying to eat a BIT healthier. Maybe a stack of carrots instead of a bag of chips/crisps once in a while. That's a start. :P

    1. I noticed! I have an irritating tendency to stop long enough for my fingers to soften up again. :-/
      Thanks very much ^^ my spiritual side is kind of stunted, it's definitely time to have a look at that aspect of myself. I have no idea where to start though!
      One drawing a day is a really good idea! I'm trying to do a little bit of lots of things every day (one journal question, one yoga sequence, one Tarot card) so that would be a good thing to add to the list. You're quite right regarding wishful thinking. I think I need to write that across my face or something (backwards, so I can read it in the mirror)!
      Those sound like good habits! I'd like to eat a little healthier but I also am very lazy and hate cooking :-/ maybe pre-prepared veg is the way to go! Or I might go and bat my lashes at my boyfriend, he was a professional chef so he really ought to cook for me more.

  2. Good luck with these - especially the exams. :) You've probably already mentioned this somewhere but what courses are you studying for?
    I guess my resolutions would be pass driving test, get into (Leeds) uni and go to more gigs. Oh and write more. And read more. Man, this isn't going to go well XD

    1. Thank you very much! :) I left school pretty young so I have no qualifications at all; I'm studying for my GCSEs in Maths, English Language, English Lit, Science (Double Award, including Biology, Physics and Chemistry) and Psychology.

      Good luck to you as well! I'm sure you will do well. (I've just started driving myself so I know how nerve-wracking it is. You can do it!) Hope you have an amazing year <3

    2. Happy new year! :)

      Ah, GCSEs! Psychology is meant to be interesting. I loved English language when I did it (and still do - though A Level is completely different!) but literature drove me insane (I have incredibly bad flashbacks whenever someone mentions Animal Farm...). Wish you the best of luck!

      Thank you ^.^ Driving is terrifying. I may be an adult but I can't do this driving thing. Blooming clutch control.

    3. I'm quite enjoying the psychology and both English courses (I have different books than most schools use - I think - so I've escaped dissecting Orwell for the 100th time since primary school)... the science is my enemy. It's too wordy. I have to keep breaking away to Google stuff so that I actually understand what I'm reading >.<

      I KNOW. The clutch. The bloody clutch. Whose idea WAS that?! What's wrong with stop/go? Why make it so complicated?

  3. I hate when people ask what music I like too. Good luck with your studying. Best wishes for the new year

    1. Yeah, I don't deal well with being put on the spot >.<

      Thank you very much, and the same to you!

  4. Yes, keep writing, I want the rest of that story, ha ha!

    Yeah, when I get put on the spot I can't think of ANYTHING!!!

    It takes a while to build up calluses on your fingers for guitar playing, or so I am told! Just keep at it!

    1. N'awww, thanks! :D Hope you have a fantastic year hun.

  5. I hate that 'what music' question even though I have done it as well but there would be far too many bands to name and probably the person that asked would get bored after a while
    Anyways, sound like do-able (another 'does it exist?' word) goals and I hope you will continue to share them with us! Happy new 2016 (that is a week old already o_O...)

    1. Haha that's true! So I've got to think of an honest answer that doesn't involve a) reading out a list the length of a phone book or b) whacking out my iPod, slapping my headphones onto them, staring into their eyes and whispering "Do you think you're ready for this?"

      Thank you very much! And a happy new year to you too! (Eek! Where is it going?!)


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