Thursday, 10 December 2015

Inspiration Station: 10/12/15

I used to do these round-up posts on my older blogs, and I still enjoy seeing them all over the blogosphere, so I thought it was high time I did another of my own. I really enjoyed Ramona's monthly Random post at Just Keep BRAINS!, so I've taken a similar approach.

Articles I've Enjoyed

These have been floating around in my bookmarks tab for goodness knows how long. 

Rebuilding your Wardrobe on a Budget: What to Buy First
This post from Into Mind is pretty in-depth. Whilst the example wardrobe used is a world away from my own personal 'style', I did find this very helpful in allaying wardrobe panic and random spends during my recurring fashion dilemmas. Helpful at on good days and downright sanity-saving on bad ones.

4 Danger Signs to Search For, Before Sending Off Your Novel
5 Ways to Keep Me Reading Your First Chapter
I'm in no position to send my half-baked NaNo word vomit anywhere for a long, long time, but the above articles are both fun and interesting, with some great tips.

A Punk Rock Approach to Living the Life of Your Dreams
I look back at this article whenever I need to be told to embrace my weirdness and ignore people. It's got the usual cheerleadery stuff about pushing through fear and taking risks, which I can get pretty 'meh' about, but radical self-love is a great concept and I adore Gala Darling's wise words in general.

Where Personal Values Meet Personal Style
Some good, heartfelt stuff about getting comfortable with who you are.

Recommended Reading
  • Rat Queens Vol 1: Sass and Sorcery by Kurtis J. Weibe and Roc Upchurch
  • The Neon Court by Kate Griffin
  • The English Monster by Lloyd Shepherd

Listening To
  • I Am the Walrus - Spooky Tooth (cover)
  • (You're the) Devil in Disguise - Elvis Presley
  • What the Water Gave Me - Florence and the Machine
  • RU Mine? - Arctic Monkeys
  • Lean On - Major Lazer

Lusting Over

Geeking Out
Vin Diesel confirms new Riddick film (ssh, no judgies, we all have our problematic faves, don't we?).
This most excellent Labyrinth spoof. Entitled Crotch Magic Crotch. You're welcome.

Style: Icons and Current Ponderings
  • Von Monsta remains perfect.
  • Rabbit Heart is a talented artist and craftslady with incredible personal style.
Kind of contemplating new hair for the new year. Mayyybe. Thinking of a funky colour again. My current colour is flattering but I feel a little too... ordinary? Something like this would be amazing, but, eek, the upkeep. >.<

My Month
I'd just like to thank MS Paint and my trusty print screen key.
L-R: messy hair and a mug full of rum'n'coke. New blog sub-header thingie. Good stuff on the cards. Scarf, tatts and pearls. Dorky winter hat selfie. New tattoo.


  1. "I'd just like to thank MS Paint and my trusty print screen key." HAHAH XD that sounds familiar... :DD
    I'm liking the punk rock approach article. Don't wanna read it all now, I'll keep bits for future needs. ;) Thanks for sharing that.
    Btw, you be rockin' dat messy hair like a BOSS! \o/

    1. All hail the print screen key ;)
      You're most welcome! And thanks very much :D I'm not good with hair. My hair is very fine and sticks up in all directions and flicks out and does weird things... I have no control over it so I have to leave it messy and pretend it's deliberate. >.<

  2. That wardrobe post! thank you, guess that might help, i always seem to have a few staples missing *lol* and the winter hat looks so cute! excited to see what new hair you will rock in 2016 then!

    (and may i say that i really love laura's (roses & vellum) & leelein's (mindless indulgence) weekly inspiration posts in general, still thank you for mentioning me <3)

    1. Thank you!! Haha I can't wait for my hair appointment I'm so excited for a change now :)
      (Thanks for the heads-up! I also read Laura's but Leelein is new to me I think - yay, a new blog to follow! And you're so welcome, your blog is great!)


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