Tuesday, 24 November 2015

TILT: November

EDIT: Look who posted a Things I Love Thursday on a Tuesday... d'oh. *headdesk*

I have been enjoying myself immensely during the autumn months, wrapping myself up in 1,000 layers and busting out my collection of increasingly improbable winter hats. I love this time of the year so fricking much. Grey skies! Rain! Leaves everywhere! Scarves! Sweaters! Fuzzy socks! Fairy lights! NaNoWriMo! Gahhhh! *combusts*

Meanwhile, everyone else of my acquaintance is complaining about the weather and wishing it was warmer. So, since I am being rather a smug bastard about the whole thing, I thought there was probably no better time to write a Things I Love Thursday post.

  • wine and Tarot evenings with one of my best friends. We both want to get better at reading the cards so we have been setting time aside every week to get together, have a little practice, drink some wine and watch a movie (or some Supernatural). I enjoy this very much and am happy to know someone who likes to do these things too. ^^
  • being given a Topshop voucher to make merry with. I ordered a rust-coloured bobble hat (with oversized bobble, natch), a nude eye contour pot in 'Bare' (because I love wearing a brown eyeshadow but they tend to crease even with primer which is a pain; I'm hoping that a cream product might have more staying power and the reviews were pretty positive), and the piece de resistance, a pair of high-waisted teal crushed velvet knickers. Because I needed them, obviously.
  • my new tattoo. Words can't express how happy I am with it. 
  • the new David Wong book, Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits. I bloody love David Wong's books and this one is no exception. I especially love the protagonist, Zoey Ashe, because you can't not love a protag who is a massive scruff, has blue streaks in her hair and goes around sassing everyone whilst eating pizza and being covered in cat hair. (Her cat's name is Stench Machine.)
  • Lush's Big shampoo. Smells lovely, the sea salt feels great on my scalp and I honestly don't think my hair ever looked better. Wish I'd discovered it years ago. In fact, on the subject of Lush, I also recently bought their perfume The Smell of Weather Turning, it's minty and smoky and strange, I really like it!
  • being able to butcher half of Teenage Kicks on my guitar. Feels like a huge achievement.
  • Sorry Mom Tattoo Balm. My tattooist gave me a free sample and after a couple of days using it I ordered a full-size tube from Asos. On all my other tattoos, I've used Bepanthen to keep them moist whilst they heal but Sorry Mom is so much better. For starters it's not so sticky or greasy and doesn't leave oily stains on my clothes. Also unlike Bepanthen, it doesn't make me break out. My tattoo is healing nicely and looking great!
  • Christmas coffees! It's never too early for highly calorific caffeine goodness. ;)
What are you guys loving in November? :)


  1. "increasingly improbable winter hats" had me a giggle. XD I'd love to see what you mean by that!
    Wasn't this Fall just goodness? Though I'm ready to move on and jump in mountains of snow, now. :D
    Since when have you been into tarots? I've been wanting to get into it, but I'm waiting to fall in love-at-first-sight with a deck before jumping in. Meanwhile I started on runes, they're easy to love. :3
    Here's to a winter hopefully as neat as this season was!

    1. Got a thing about knitted hats. I like bobbles, earflaps, rainbow stripes >.<
      It was indeed gorgeous! I have mixed feelings about snow, but that's because I live a) out of town and b) on a hill so anything deeper than about half an inch and I get completely cut off from the rest of civilisation. Which is good in principle but not when you have to hike in to work :-/
      My mum gave me the Tarot deck I still use now when I was quite young (elevenish) and I used to do 'readings' (relying heavily on my little instruction booklet) for my friends in secondary school (which earned me the reputation for being 'creepy', go figure). Just got back into it again recently and am trying to learn to do it a bit more properly; I just got the Shadowscapes deck and accompanying book which I'm very very excited about. <3 Funnily enough I just bought a pack of rune stones but haven't done anything except admire them yet! Any tips? :)

    2. Heheh those sound cool, every little thing to bring cheers in a day matters! Mine has a penguin face on it. : D
      Snow shoes aren't an option to get to work? It's like wearing enchanted weightless boots! XD
      NO WAY! I was eyeballing Shadowscapes too, thinking that if no other deck touches my feels I'd get this one! I love how etheral it looks!
      For runes, I'm still studying their meanings from many different sources, as most of them differ depending on who wrote the book/arcticle/post. Everyone has a different way of casting them as well. What I will do is grab whatever comes in my hand when I reach in the pouch. If they want to find my hand, they must have something to say, no? :P

    3. Snow shoes! Literally never thought of that >.< not sure they're widely available in my country - at least I've never seen them for sale - but I'm sure I could get some. I might get some odd looks but it's better than a two and a half mile hike with freezing cold feet!
      Haha no way!!! I actually got Shadowscapes secondhand - when I was still working in the charity shop someone donated it, unused, in my last week. I think I paid like £2.50. Still can't believe my luck - it's gorgeous.
      That's very similar to how I play with my cards when I have a spare minute :) gotta bust out those rune stones now! <3

  2. I am jealous of ypur cold weather! It is sticky and gross here! Tarot evenings sound like a great idea!

    1. Come join us in Rain Country where everything is grey. Stay on my sofa or something.

      Yeah the Tarot evenings have been fun! One of my best friends is like me in that we can geek out over literally anything so when we both started getting interested in the cards we figured we might as well be Tarot nerds together and have non-judgemental non-super-serious practice time. When you come and couchsurf at my place you can join us ;)

  3. Tarot evenings indeed sound like a perfect thing to do, the colder it gets, the more likely my friends like to come to my flat for some n64 gaming & absinthe night, sounds not as mystic but is definitely a fun thing to do!

    1. Haha funnily enough we did have a night of XBox and a Supernatural marathon this week ;) n64 and absinthe sounds pretty perf :)


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