Monday, 30 November 2015

A Style Manifesto for the Awkward and Confused

  • Stay in bed too late and leave yourself half an hour of getting-ready time. If you like, follow this up by staring into your wardrobe in abject terror for fifteen minutes before grabbing yesterday's clean-ish clothes off the floor. Don't forget to pull on a bobble hat in an attempt to disguise your still-wet hair.
  • Wear the same seven items over and over, because every time you experiment with anything else it seems to go horribly wrong and you look like a mad bag lady. Not in a cool Tavi Gevinson way or a rock'n'roll misfit way. Just someone people wouldn't sit next to on the bus.
  • Is your predilection for comfy clothes because of your punk rock middle finger up to beauty standards, or because you couldn't be arsed to shave your legs? (Again.) It's a chicken and egg kind of deal, right? Feel quite smug that being a lazy bastard helps reflect your body positive values. 
  • Read fashion blogs and feel even more confused than you were to begin with. Ditto 'street style' websites. Become convinced that 'high fashion' seems to mean 'buying clothes that don't match each other or fit properly' and wonder why it only looks socially acceptable when someone else does it.
  • Make Pinterest boards and take online style quizzes in an attempt to define your personal style. Stare at them for hours in the hopes of discovering their deeper meaning. 
  • Overthink dressing for every social occasion so that you always end up over- or under-dressed and feeling vaguely uncomfortable.
  • Decide you don't care at all about how you look. Live in oversized men's T-shirts and baggy jeans for a month and then realise you are horribly bored.
  • Rectify this by veering to the other extreme! Throw on fifteen clashing items and hot pink lipstick in an attempt to express your inner self. Realise you look insane.
  • Try minimalism, and end up looking as though you're going to a board meeting when actually you have a movie night with friends.
  • Stare creepily at passers-by in bewildered attempts to 'get inspiration'. Stare until you make them nervous. Maybe take notes.
  • Trawl around shopping centres to try and discover what you are 'drawn to'. Come home with Harry Potter knickers, another bobble hat, a grey jumper identical to your ten other grey jumpers, and seven books. 
  • Talk your loved ones' ears off about your crisis of identity. Force them to fill in quizzes about your best features and when they last saw you 'looking fabulous'. 
  • Continue to wear your same seven items (and Harry Potter knickers). Pat yourself on the back for being able to decide that you LIKE these seven things (sorry, 'pieces'). You've come such a long way.
Or is this just me?

On a more positive note, these are some things I wore lately that I was OK with, even if they are largely variations on the same outfit:

Slightly too grown-up for me really. I prefer this trench undone with an unravelling scarf and my hair a mess so I can pretend that I look like a harried academic.
I was running wayyyy late for brunch and grabbed a random selection of items off the floor, which is why nothing matches. I'm OK with that.
This is a men's hat that I bought in Paris. I wear it A LOT. I'm wearing it now.
Really must start taking decent photos. Or get an editing program of some kind. Before you guys all get a crick in your neck from my camera angles. Sorry about that.


  1. If you hadn't said anything I would have assumed the sideways photos were just arty, lol.

    In the book Among Others the girl's evil magical mother wears every third item from her closet as an outfit because three is a magical number, it makes her look very mad but sounds like a fun experiment!

    1. Eheheh... should have kept quiet! Not trying to be artsy, it's cause my bathroom is small and I'm very tall so it's the only way I can get a full length shot (without falling out the window).

      Ooh, Among Others is one I've wanted to read for a while! I dread to think what would happen if I did that... perhaps I'll give it a go sometime.

  2. adorable outfits Amy. And that list is sadly me as well these days, I've been in a clothing slump for months.

    1. Thanks very much! I've been in the slump so long it's starting to get comfortable :-p but I think I'm getting there now. The trick, as far as I can tell, is to go with what you're drawn to and try not to overthink it, but that's so much easier said than done in my case. >.<

  3. Same as laura, I thought the pictures were meant to be this angle because of art :-D and well, those outfits definitely look like they are related (in a good way) so you should be able to work with them / get similar things to play with! dont worry too much <3 (actually I am impressed by people who are able to still look like themselves even though they wear completely different clothing stuff!)

    1. ART. Yes. It is artsiness. We'll go with that. Like if everyone was thinking it, who am I to argue? ;) My wardrobe does predominantly consist of jeans and cardigans and graphic tees which makes like simple. Apart from on work days where I am now allowed to wear graphic tees. That's a bit trickier :-s

    2. oh no graphic tees allowed? that sounds indeed difficult (but i guess if i would not wear white on top of my clothing would be the same for me as well...)
      glad we were able to convince you though ;-P

    3. (*not allowed)

      I just wear a plain sweater or a plaid shirt or something. So imaginative >.< I do want to start pushing my boundaries a bit again with fashion. I miss looking a bit more alternative. Just don't know where to start. I think a new hairstyle might be the way to go!


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