Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Holiday Shenanigans

Image-heavy post!

Last month it was my 24th birthday, and my boyfriend and I went away together for a few days to celebrate, and tick some items off the bucket list. We chose our destination via the tried-and-true combo of 1) it was cheap, and 2) it was easy to get to (we don't drive yet), which is how we found ourselves on the Isle of Wight, staying in a 1942 motor gun boat converted into a houseboat. Better yet, it was a B&B, and we got served a fresh-cooked breakfast on the boat every morning. Paradise!

I loved staying on a tiny island. I got very excited on the ferry as we approached because you could see the curve of the land, showing how very small it was! The isle isn't really that far from the mainland (an hour on the ferry) but somehow it felt very remote, in the loveliest possible way. Despite the fact that from the beaches around Bembridge you could see the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth! The lights from the mainland reflecting on the sea looked beautiful at night.

Our gunboat was the Xoron Floatel in Bembridge. It's unique as one of only two surviving Fairmile C Class MGBs in the world today, and definitely the only one converted into a B&B! I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, but I was charmed by the low ceilings and sheer number of spider plants. Our cabin managed to be both spacious and cosy, with low, curved ceilings and an en suite with bath and shower.

Of course we were there during the off season, when many of the tourist attractions were closed and the weather highly suspicious. This has never bothered us; we love walking and exploring, and we certainly did plenty of both. On our first full day on the island we hiked across the downs from Bembridge to Shanklin Chine, which took us about three hours...

We kind of suck at selfies.

One of the other great pleasures of the Isle of Wight was the food. Eating is one of my greatest holiday pleasures - I love finding a new or a quirky restaurant and stuffing myself silly. The above photo is from a restaurant whose name I forget, but I'd highly recommend the Pilot Boat Inn in Bembridge (shaped, I might add, like a boat), the Driftwood bar on the beach at Sandown, and the Bandstand which is also on the beach near the Sandown zoo. It has glass walls and we ate there on a rainy day - it was fantastic. Possibly also the best meal I've ever eaten.

I just uploaded these for the facial expressions >.<
Mostly we were lucky with the weather, except on our second day when it rained fairly continually and we got soaked. It was worth it, though, to watch the huge dark clouds coming in over the sea.
On our last day we found the amazing Mother Goose bookshop in St Helen's, and I spent rather a lot of money on a heap of Pratchett, Froud, Gaiman and assorted books on witchery. Well spent, I feel.

And heading home again! 
What I always really enjoy about going on holiday with Dan is taking a break from everything. Coming back again is always a bit of a jolt; I really like who I am when I'm away and carefree, and it's hard to hold onto that in my small home town. Dan doesn't really use social media so I end up heavily cutting back on my usage and I find myself enjoying things a lot more, not worrying about how I look and certainly not worrying about what I'm wearing, as all I've got is what's in my suitcase. This was an amazing trip and a great birthday! Hoping to escape again soon :)


  1. Your trip sounded like fun! What did you eat at that restaurant you talked about? :)
    I also find that not being on social medias makes vacations/holidays/trips more enjoyable. Allows you to take the time to just be. And enjoy. And live in the moment.

    1. Fresh-caught haddock (I'm pescetarian) with asparagus and a poached egg, and an amazing hot chocolate. :)

      Totally agree! Mostly I couldn't even get a WiFi signal so I spent most of the week without Facebook notifications or anything like that, which I thought I might find stressful but it was a huge relief. Must make more effort to be in the moment, as you say, and keep my hands off my phone!

  2. i think i sent you some birthday wishes... somewhere O_O° anyways, looks like a fun holiday with lots of nice memories!


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