Monday, 26 October 2015

Bucket List, Part Two

Continued from this post.

53. See the redwoods.
54. Dance on stage with The Cruxshadows.
55. Bathe in a hot spring.
56. Jump out of a hot tub and roll in the snow.
57. See Emilie Autumn live.
58. See The Birthday Massacre live.
59. See The Cure live.
60. Listen to cicadas.
61. Go to the island of bunnies.
62. Visit a cat cafe.
63. Visit Bornholm, where my grandmother grew up.
64. Road trip the United States.
65. Sit on a roof.
66. Go on a paranormal investigation.
67. Learn how to skateboard.
68. Try ziplining (aaargh!).
69. Learn to play guitar.
70. Visit Central Park in Autumn.
71. Go shopping in Selfridges Christmas shop.
72. Get good at gaming (am newb).
73. Learn Danish, the language of my forefathers (kinda).
74. Hitch hike.
75. Ride on the back of a motorbike.
76. Sleep on a sleeper train.
77. Drink in a haunted pub.
78. Stay a night in a haunted hotel.
79. Go to an outdoor cinema.
80. Learn to knit.
81. Visit the Harry Potter studios.
82. Drink a butterbeer.
83. Camp at a music festival with good people.
84. Go to a big big music festival.
85. Go to Whitby Goth Weekend.
86. Sing karaoke with friends.
87. Go back to Whitby and explore more.
88. Have a pet bunny.
89. Stroke an angora rabbit.
90. Visit New York.
91. Try snowboarding.
92. Try skiing.
93. Sleep on a beach.
94. Drink chartreuse.
95. Go on a meditation retreat.
96. Travel by dog sled.
97. Have a romantic dinner on a rooftop.
98. Go to a NaNoWriMo write-in.
99. Eat baklava in Greece.
100. Visit Canada.
101. Go to the USA for Halloween.
102. Sleep in a lighthouse.
103. Work as a barista.
104. Get a job in a library.
105. Live in Shakespeare and Company, the Parisian bookshop where you can stay for free.


  1. Great list! I can't even think of that many things! Probably a good thing, I am pretty broke! :p

    1. Thanks! Haha I'm in the broke club too :-s welcome to the starving artist corner ;)

      I have a little notepad in which I write stuff down whenever I think 'hey, you know what would be cool?'. I try not to make it unachievable (because the whole point of this list is that I actually wanna do this stuff) and avoid typical bucket-listy stuff you're supposed to want to do but which actually sounds hellish to me, like bungee jumping. (NOT an adrenaline junkie. Books, fanfic and cats, thanks, not jumping off of things. I leave that to my boyfriend.)

  2. It's awesome to keep goals like that, no matter how small. We all need something to be looking foward to. :)
    "56. Jump out of a hot tub and roll in the snow." It is an experience to have! But it hurts. XD Your skin will ask you a big WTF?!? in capitals and let you know this was a silly idea. : D Once the shock is passed, it's kind of invigorating in the end.
    "101. Go to the USA for Halloween." Were you thinking Salem, MA? I think that'd be the place to go for Halloween, since there's already a Halloween feeling to the place even in the middle of summer. :)

    1. It HURTS?! Oh lordy. :-s

      I had thought of Salem, it's definitely on my to-visit list, but I do get a little nervous about all things witch-trial-related. It's the thought of the horrible things that people were subjected to, it just freaks me out and I can't deal. Somehow I doubt that'd be the aspect that the tourist board would play up though.

    2. Yea... a little. :p Well, it's a drastic change of temperature, think err... Like when you come from the cold and wash your hands in warm water, it feels like way hotter than it is. Well, the snow feels way colder than it is. Mind you, I did that from a sauna, surely from a bath it won't be as bad. :>

      They did suffer terrible things under mere stupid prejudice. And you can see in the cemetary how the witches were executed, which adds to that feeling in your guts that something really pissing wrong happened there (at least, I saw no tombstone saying that one had burned, THANKFULLY!). They toned down the creepy feels by making it more of a commercial place with guided tours and museums, some of them are actualy very interesting and informative.

    3. Thanks for the info! I always look forward to your comments, you are a goldmine of facts. <3

      I will put a visit to Salem on my next bucket list installment. I do think it would be a fascinating place to see, and to be fair, stomach-turning things have happened to people because of the ignorance of others all over the world throughout history. I don't know why Salem should give me the heebie-jeebies more than any other place. On a more materialist and mercenary note, I bet the shops are fantastic.

    4. Oh, you! *^^*
      Maybe you feel more touched by Salem in particular because you've got some witchiness within you? ;) That was my excuse, at least. :D Some feeling of connection with the people burried in there. And the shops ARE fantastic! But I won't spoil it in case you end up going someday hihi!


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