Thursday, 25 June 2015

Things I Love Thursday

Hello again!

I started doing TILT posts back on my old blog Bohemian Bloomers, but since I stopped blogging it's fair to admit I've been a gratitude-list slacker. In fact I have to admit that in recent years I've become a bit of a moaner, so it might even do me some good to try looking on the brighter side of things for a change. ;)
Me and my best girl Bronwyn in Brighton last year. Love this girl! <3

And so, without further ado:

  • Breakfast with friends. A really nice new independent cafe has opened up quite close to me; I loved the quirky, rustic decor and dragged my good chum Rosemarie along for breakfast. And I can't lie - actually getting up on my day off, putting on a nice dress and going out to a cafe for a veggie breakfast (with avocado, and the best hash browns I think I've ever eaten) made me feel like a grown-up. ;) And you can't beat a proper morning coffee!
  • Summer! Usually not my favourite time of year - the British summer; not warm enough for summer clothes, not cool enough for winter clothes, bah! - but it's been nice to see the sunshine. I have been making the effort to get out in the fresh air and make the most of it. Reading outdoors has become my new favourite activity.
  • Going to the optician's. I have two new pairs of new glasses and now I can see properly and not have fuzzy eyes and headaches all the time!
  • New blog layout! It's not a huge change but I tweaked it a little and I'm much happier with it now. 
  • Holiday planning. My boyfriend and I try to go somewhere new at least every year. I haven't got the moulah to escape from the country this year, but we're looking at a weekend away somewhere quirky like Glastonbury for my birthday in September.
  • Writing. OK, that may be fairly obvious, but I very recently got my first proper writing job for a real magazine. I don't want to share too many details until everything goes ahead in case anything changes but I will say that it's an alt fashion magazine (squee!) and I'm currently working on an article which involves interviewing somebody I have admired for a long time (and they are really nice! Double squee!). 

  • New books. Always a delight, but I have maybe overdone it a tad this last few weeks with book-buying. I've had some great secondhand finds (this week I picked up fifteen Laurell K. Hamilton books for £5, and seven faerie and witchcraft-related books for £8. You can't beat a bargain like that) and I also discovered GoodReads, which has cost me a fortune in tracking down and devouring books from overseas publishers that I haven't even heard of before (currently reading: Fairytales for Wilde Girls by Allyse Near). The book piles are taking over my room, but it's so worth it!
  • My friends. I have been spending time with my best girls this month, individually and together, and my goodness but I love them. So. Damn. Much. The friends who know you're a lunatic and love you, not despite of it, but because of it. 
What about you guys? What are you loving right now? What's the best part of your day? <3


  1. Friends are the best! I would love to do brunch with friends but they live too far awsy, so it is lunch or dinner. But i like to go to places with all day breakfast so i guess it is ok!

    I love getting cheap secondhand books! And library books! I read too much to pay full price for all the books I read!

  2. Aw congrats about the new job - sounds brilliant and hope everything works out okay! :)

    And the books, yes, there's very little better than relaxing and reading a good book. Especially in the outdoors (*cries because the weather up here is horrible*). Every time I go shopping I seem to end up with a new one. Most recently has been Queen of the Damned because it's been a year since I read the previous one and I'm missing dear Lestat ;)

    What am I loving? Strangely, it's studying Media at sixth form. We're working on designing covers for DVDs and I'm doing one inspired by a mix of Donnie Darko and TBM's 'Leaving Tonight'. There's a lot of rabbits. XD


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