Thursday, 4 June 2015

Dreams and Schemes: A Quick Update

Yesterday was my self-imposed deadline for the list I made in my previous post Dreams and Schemes. I took myself off to Southampton for a day of shopping, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I had expected to come home with bags and bags of goodies, a whole new wardrobe in fact, and I didn't. Instead I came home with a few well-chosen pieces that I am really happy with, that I can mix and match with my existing wardrobe. It's probably the first time in several years (in fact, maybe ever!) that I have come home from a big shopping trip with not one single regret.

Needless to say I did not manage to purchase every item on my shopping list. My haul was as follows:

  • one gorgeous fringed cardigan (Primark)
  • two pairs high-waisted jeans (Topshop (not pictured, because I'm wearing them), H&M)
  • two work-suitable tops (Topshop, charity shop)
  • pinny dress (charity shop)
  • black Mom shorts (charity shop, not pictured)
  • two necklaces (Urban Outfitters)
  • nightshirt (Topshop)
  • two bralettes (Urban Outfitters, Topshop (not pictured))
  • straw bag (Primark, which was a pleasant surprise)
  • fancy lacy lingerie (a negligee reduced from £30 to £7, and a lace body, both H&M)
  • umpteen pants (Urban Outfitters, Topshop)
  • closed-toe summer shoes for work (Topshop)
  • a nice brown belt (charity shop, not pictured)
  • The Coldest Girl In Coldtown by Holly Black (books are necessary)
There are still a few things I need but I've covered all the basics and I'm really pleased with what I bought! A breath of fresh air in my wardrobe was much needed. 

I also managed to make some real headway with clearing out some of my old stuff. I was excited to discover that under all the crapola I'd been hoarding I had some great things I'd forgotten that I even owned. The Great Wardrobe Clearout might finally be at an end... it's only taken two or three years, but c'est la vie... 

When I realised I was interested in experimenting outside the realms of Goth fashion I had to pretty much re-learn what I genuinely liked, what looked 'right' on me (still not a huge fan of colour... it's all about grey, black and cream ;) ), and what my style was. Meanwhile I went through several 'yikes' phases and badly-thought-out clothing decisions, resulting in a lot of money wasted and a lot of useless items to prune. I still don't know what my style is, but I know what it isn't, which is a huge step forward! Knowing what not to buy seems to me to be half the battle.

My media diet was very helpful in this. No, I didn't manage to avoid Tumblr, Pinterest or Instagram completely for two months, but I managed to cut my usage back to an hour or two once a week, which served a dual purpose of allowing me to fathom out my own likes and dislikes without a barrage of input (inspiration is all very well, but too much can be a distraction from your own personal tastes. I have in the past bought items because they looked so good on a blogger I liked, only to find out that I would never wear them because they weren't me at all), and freeing up more free time for other activities such as writing. 

I did also manage some vaguely regular exercise. I'm not a huge fan of sweating but I do like jogging at night when the air is fresh and everything is still (I did in fact jog last night, but only because I left my glasses at my boyfriend's house and had to run back and retrieve them). I have been walking a lot, and not just for shopping purposes! And I have been keeping up with my yoga, which I am devoted to, although I am the most inflexible human that I know. Before I started classes I couldn't even touch my toes!

I also squeezed in some time for meditation. Not much, and not often, but a bit, which is a definite improvement. I have found myself turning my attention to my breath during stressful times (work!!!) to calm and ground myself, so I do feel that even the least bit of effort is paying off for me.

I didn't pick up my guitar. It's still languishing in the loft. My defense is that clearing out my stuff left my room in such a state of chaos that I didn't want to bring it down and risk it getting damaged, but I'm good at finding excuses for being lazy! So this goes back on the to-do list for next time.

I know some of you guys set yourselves to-do lists and challenges for this date as well - how did you do? I wasn't perfect but I definitely made progress, and I hope you did too!


  1. Congrats on accomplishing some of your to-do list! Woo! Your new stuff looks lovely - especially those sandals/ shoes. Seems like the clothes will be perfect for summer (whatever Summer happens to be here in England haha! ;)) Well done with cutting down on media and doing some exercise... I'm feeling rather unhealthy now!

    I managed to do some art which I posted up on my blog and am also almost finished a cross stitch bookmark which I hope to sell on Etsy - still a bit of work to do though! Next up on my list is driving lessons and finding work experience/ volunteer work. Hmm...

    Keep up the good progress! :)

    1. Thank you very much!! And the same to you, best of luck :)

  2. still a ot of things you found! and well, a great thing to have a shopping day without any regret!

    1. And unusual for me, I usually get home and go....'What was I thinking?'


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