Tuesday, 19 May 2015

List-y Goodness

I am taking this previous post very seriously, to the extent that I have written a shopping list for my planned trip on the 3rd of June. Nothing like pretending to be organised... 

I am proud of this list.

It has columns.

Here, I shall show you.

  • Jumpers
  • Cardigans (I am a cold morsel and never have enough of either. And by the time another winter rolls around, the ones I already have are usually threadbare and bobbly from over-frequent use.)
  • High-waisted jeans (because some genius decreed that all jumpers I can find in stores at the moment shall be cropped, and I do not wish to have a chilly midriff.)
  • Work-suitable tops (no slogans or logos.)
  • White sundress (for floating around in fields full of daisies looking dreamy, obvs.)
  • Parka or similar practical but vaguely attractive winter coat (not really the right time of year to go looking, but a girl can dream.)
  • Decent dungarees or pinny dress (i.e. not too short in legs or body, does not make me look like I should own a corncob pipe.)
  • Mom shorts
  • Tribal-y and/or witchy necklaces for layering
  • A new belt (all of mine seem to be crumbling... what even IS that)
  • A book, cause I can't go shopping and not buy a book

Need but can't really afford (but will buy to console myself if I can't find any items on the 'need' list)
  • White Converse high-tops
  • Veggie leather backpack or satchel (a nice one, not a crackly plastic cheapie one)

Try on and see
  • Peasant blouse
  • Bardot top
  • Check trousers to replace my old ones that are now too short
  • Fringed top
  • Crochet top
  • Ripped knee jeans

  • Head chain (for looking like a magical bohemian faerie princess)
  • Mustard-coloured anything
  • Nice new PJs
  • Bralettes (can't have too many)
  • Beige or cream chinos (something I never thought I'd want!)
  • Straw sunhat
  • Enormous straw bag (a la this baby)
  • Nail varnish (I cleared out most of mine and need some new ones. I like neutrals and muted colours mostly.)
  • Sleek, neutral-coloured jumpsuits and playsuits
  • Lacy things (kimonos. Dresses. Pants. It's all good.)
  • Cream or grey fedora (don't look at me like that.)

Could do with
  • Socks (where do they go??)
  • Pants (just cause.)
  • Neutral-coloured heels (I don't own many going-out-y heels. I have a black pair and a sparkly pair, I feel a neutral pair would be useful also.)

Keywords/inspirations (oh yes, I am this sad)
My only rules are 1) do not bankrupt thyself and 2) don't buy anything that doesn't 'grab' you. No ifs. No buts. If there's doubt, it's out.
So that's the plan, such as there is one. I am looking forward to heading out, fortified by coffee, and possibly towing my lovely boyfriend, who for some unknown reason has actually volunteered to accompany me.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

An Anniversary

Hello again :)

Just a short post to celebrate some good news; my partner Dan and I had our eleventh anniversary this Monday (which, coincidentally, was of course May the 4th, Star Wars Day!). Of course we have had our ups and downs but our relationship has gone from strength to strength and I'm delighted to have shared eleven years of my life with such an amazing guy. I look forward to the next decade or so - with any luck! ;)

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